11 Ways to Brighten up A Dark Room

Everything You Need To Know In Order To Make A Dark Room Brighter

11 Ways to Brighten up A Dark Room

06 December 2018

A dark room can feel gloomy and uninviting.  Lightening up a dark room can instantly make it seem more appealing. The following tips will help you transform and brighten even the darkest and dullest room.

Brighten up a dark room with Marvin Windows



1. The first thing to do when brightening a room is to brighten up the paint colours. Use pale colours to reflect light and create an illusion of more space. Many times the room appears darker because the walls are painted a dark colour. If you don’t want to completely change your colour scheme, consider using a lighter tone of the same shade.





2. Paint the ceiling white. It will make your ceiling appear higher and brighter.


3. Get rid of clutter. Become a minimalist. Declutter your room to make it appear larger and brighter.


4. Use mirrors to reflect light. You can double the amount of sunlight in your room by allowing it to bounce off the reflective surfaces.

Brighten a dark room with Marvin windows



5. Clean your windows to maximise natural light. Before you get too far into your decorating project take the time to ensure your windows are fully cleaned.



6. Keep it clear. Remove barriers to natural light. If there are trees or plants outside your home blocking your windows this stops light from accessing your home. Consider trimming them.




7. Be mindful of artwork and paintings. Don’t cover your walls with dark paintings as they will absorb the sunlight rather than reflect it. Artwork in light colours can help a room appear more spacious and brighter.


8. Dark hardwood floors tend to draw a lot of light out of a room. Fix this and brighten your room by adding a bright area rug.

Brighten a dark room with Marvin windows

9. Add more lights. Instead of relying on one main source of light add more throughout the room. Placing a lamp on front of a mirror will help to reflect light and brighten up a room. Choose fixtures with metallic finishes to help reflect even more light.


10. Replace dark window treatments. To keep a room light, avoid heavy drapes and valances that block natural light.


11. Add more windows. Of course, the best way to add light to any room is to install a window. Adding a window to a room is the solution to increase brightness and maximise natural light. Natural light is an essential element of a healthy and happy life.


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