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Aluminium Clad Sliding Sash Windows

  • Aluminium Clad Wood Sliding SashAluminium Clad Wood Sliding Sash
Find the exact type of windows your home needs with Marvin’s sliding aluminium clad sliding sash windows. Get the perfect addition to your home today.

Aluminium Clad Sliding Sash Windows

Marvin's aluminium clad sliding sash windows are both traditional and modern at the same time, combining aluminium with real wood. Our sliding sash windows feature a durable and low maintenance extruded aluminium exterior and benefits from real wood construction, architectural appeal and commercial grade performance.


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Features & Benefits

Aluminium Clad Sliding Sash Windows

Marvin’s Aluminium Clad Sliding Sash Windows combine state-of-the-art window design with classic style. Advanced engineering and the highest quality construction make our Sliding Aluminium Clad Sash windows incredibly durable, versatile and easy to use.

  • Configurations can include single sliding sash windows or both sash stationary.
  • Structural, certified factory mulls are available: Frame to Frame, 1" or 2" LVL, and 3/8" MRF
  • Uneven sills or headers can be specified
  • A variety of options are available for historic projects including a selection of authentic or simulated divided lite patterns and profiles, uneven or uncommon lite patterns, checkrail units, and variable stile and rail widths to match existing profiles

Standard Features

  • One lite LoĒ²-272 with argon insulating glass
  • Satin Taupe sash lock
  • Bare wood interior
  • All-wood brick mould casing (wood units)
  • 8° sill bevel
  • DP50 performance rating

Easy Tilt-In Cleaning

Exclusive integrated tilt lever lock allows sash to be tilted in or removed for effortless cleaning.

    Sliding Sash Windows Round Top Window

    Our Sliding Sash Round Top windows feature a half round or an elliptical upper sash. Choose from the following variations: 

    Standard Sliding Sash Windows
    with a half round or elliptical transom. Available as a wood or clad-wood window.

    Sliding Sash Double with a true radius upper sash and frame. Both the interior and exterior have a radius top. Available as a wood or clad-wood window.

    Standard Sliding Sash Windows on the interior with arched exterior casing. This variation is the most economical method of achieving a round top appearance. Available as a wood window.

    Standard Sliding Sash Windows with eyebrow radius upper sash and frame. Both interior and exterior have a radius top. Available as a wood or clad-wood window.

    Standard Sliding Sash Windows
    with a rectangular sash and radius glass designed to have a round top appearance. Available as a wood window.

    Standard Sliding Sash Windows
    with a round top appearance from the exterior thanks to its curved exterior components. Interior has a standard frame with rectangular sash and radius glass. Available as a wood window.

     This product is CE certified

    Interior Finish Options

    Sliding Sash Wood Species

    Interior finishes are available on all wood species.

    Pine (Standard)


    Douglas Fir


    Vertical Grain Douglas Fir

    White Oak

    Stain Options







    Other Finish Options



    Clear Coat

    Jamb Extensions

    To aid with installation and create a seamless wood interior, Marvin offers factory-applied jamb extensions. Jamb extensions increase the depth of the window to accommodate the thickness of the wall.

    • 4 9/16" (116 mm) jambs are standard except where noted.
    • Jamb extensions for doors are available up to 9 9/16" (243 mm), and for windows up to 14" (355.6 mm).
    • Larger custom jamb extensions are also available through Marvin.

    Profile Options

    Square Profile

    Ovolo Profile

    The interior edge detail where glazing meets wood is called sticking, sometimes referenced as bead. While ovolo sticking is usually featured, square profiles can be specified for a clean, crisp, more contemporary look. Simulated glazing bars in products with square profiles echo the design and share square profiles.

    Exterior Finish Options

    Sliding Sash Windows - Clad Colour Options

    Marvin's low maintenance, clad-wood products feature an extruded aluminium exterior finished in commercial-grade paint for superior resistance to fading and chalking.


    Stone White


    Pebble Grey

    Bahama Brown

    Arctic White

    Sierra White

    Coconut Cream

    French Vanilla


    Desert Beige

    Cumulus Grey

    Cadet Grey

    Cascade Blue

    Cobalt Blue

    Hampton Sage

    Sherwood Green



    Sliding Sash Windows - Marvin Custom Colours

    Our sliding sash windows come in any colour you want.

    No matter what your inspiration for a custom window or door colour, Marvin® will match it. You get any colour your heart desires, with your own personal custom colour name and a 20-year warranty. Contact Marvin Architectural for details and ask about special pricing.

    Marvin Anodised Finish

    Anodised aluminium finishes are almost as hard as diamonds, and are one of the most durable finishes available. The anodising process places the aluminium in a chemically stable and non-toxic bath. An electric current is passed through the bath, causing the surface of the aluminium to oxidize and form a stronger coating than the original surface of the aluminium. The resulting oxide coating provides outstanding surface properties including excellent resistance to abrasion, erosion, and ultraviolet light degradation. 

    Additional processing can add colour to anodised aluminium ranging from bronze-tones to black, giving it the appearance of other metals. This process produces finishes in: black, champagne, clear anodised, dark bronze, extra dark bronze, light bronze, and medium bronze.

    To inquire about anodised finishes, warranty information and aftercare instructions contact Marvin Architectural.

    Sliding Sash Windows -Exterior Casing

    Choose an exterior casing option to enhance the profile and architectural detail of your home. Factory-applied casing provides outstanding job-site time savings, plus better performance and consistency. Exterior casing options are available in wood or extruded aluminium factory-finished with a commercial-grade paint. 

    • Clad-wood products come standard without exterior casing. If desired, a casing option can be specified at time of order.
    • All wood windows and doors come standard with wood Brick Mould Casing applied. If Flat Casing is desired, it must be specified at time of order.

    Add exterior clad casing to Marvin windows and doors to enhance your home’s architectural detail. These casings provide the look of wood but are a durable, low maintenance alternative.

    Flat Casing
    Compatible with subsills: A217, A246

    Potter Casing
    Compatible with subsills: A217, A246, A1450, A1451, A252, A1453

    Grayson Casing
    Compatible with subsills: A1450, A1451, A1452, A1453

    Brick Mould Casing
    Compatible with subsills: A217, A246

    Columbus Casing
    Compatible with subsills: A1450, A1451, A1452, A1453

    Kinsley Casing
    Compatible with subsills: A1450, A1451, A1452, A1453

    Ridgeland Casing
    Compatible with subsills: A1453

    Stratton Casing
    Compatible with subsills: A1452, A1453

    Thorton Casing
    Compatible with subsills: A1450, A1452, A1453

    Custom Casing

    Marvin also offers special profile casings and ability to design your own casing.


    Sill thickness and depth should complement a casing option and window style. Marvin offers six, extruded aluminium subsill options.







    Please note: Due to the variety of possible combinations of casings and subsill options, special dimensional considerations for different installation methods are required. Please contact Marvin Architectural when specifying casing and subsill combinations.

    Design Patterns and Grilles

    Sliding Sash Windows Glazing Bar Options

    Marvin has a variety of ways to bring out the best in your window designs:

    • Simulated Glazing Bar with Spacer Bar - an energy-efficient way to create the look of glazing bars. These bars are permanently adhered to both sides of the glass. A spacer bar is installed between the glass, creating the essence of Authentic Glazing Bars.
    • Simulated Glazing Bar - these bars are permanently adhered to both sides of the glass. 
    • Authentic Glazing Bar - Separate pieces of glass are glazed between muntin bars-the way windows have been made since the beginning. Only now, Marvin's state-of-the-art design adds energy efficiency to traditional appeal.
    • Glazing-bar-between-the-Glass (GBGs) - bars are permanently installed between the glass panes. This low-maintenance option creates the look of glazing bars.
    • GBGs Colour Choices for Exterior and Interior - Colour options allow for two tone glazing-bars-between-the-glass. Choose from 13 exterior colours or 4 interior colours. 
    • Removable Glazing Bar - Solid wood bars on the interior offer the look of a classic glazing bars, but can be easily removed for cleaning.

      Simulated Glazing Bar with Spacer Bar

      Simulated Glazing Bar

      Authentic Glazing Bar

      Glazing-bar-between-the-Glass (GBGs)

      GBGs Exterior and Interior Colour

      Removable Glazing Bar

      Sliding Sash Windows -Glazing Bar Patterns 

      Marvin's custom capabilities allow us to create almost any glazing bar pattern you can dream up. Glazing Bars can feature an array of muntin widths, unique muntin profiles, rectangular or radius cuts and more. Choose from an existing bar cut, specify custom glazing bars according to a new design or ask our design professionals to assist in creating a pattern for your needs.

      The result is a window or door that combines the detailing and craftsmanship of a small millwork house with the product performance delivered by an industry leader. 

      Below are some of our most frequently-requested glazing bar patterns:

      Cottage A

      Cottage B

      Cottage T


      Checkrail T


      Praire 4 Bottom-Left

      Prairie 4 Bottom-Right

      Prairie 4 Top-Left

      Prairie 4 Top-Right

      Prairie 6 Bottom

      Prairie 6 Left-Hand

      Prairie 6 Right-Hand

      Prairie 6 Top

      Prairie 9A

      Prairie 9B

      Prairie Checkrail

      Trellis Horizontal

      Trellis Vertical


      Victorian Prairie

      Hardware and Accessories

      Sliding Sash Windows -Hardware Options

      Sash Lock Available In:
      Satin Taupe, White, Bronze, Satin Chrome, Satin Nickel, Brass, Antique Brass, Oil Rubbed Bronze

      Sash Lift Available in:
      Satin Taupe, White, Bronze, Satin Chrome, Satin Nickel, Brass, Antique Brass, Oil Rubbed Bronze

      Sliding Sash Windows - Hardware Finishes

      Satin Taupe



      Satin Nickel

      Satin Chrome


      Antique Brass

      Oil Rubbed Bronze

      Hardware finish samples are approximate. Please contact Marvin Architectural to see hardware finish samples.

      Marvin Architectural Hardware

      The Nobilus Collection For Windows

      Now, Marvin Architectural Hardware offers a collection of designer handles for windows that complement many architectural and design styles.

      Window hardware displayed below is available in all four finishes: Natural Nickel (70), Light Antique Nickel (71), Charcoal Black Nickel (72), Solid Dark Silicon (82).

      Sash Lock and Keeper

      Shown in:
      Natural Nickel(70)

      WSL40 Sash Lift 5 1/2" or WSL10 4 1/2"
      Double Hung Sash Lift

      Shown in:
      Solid Dark Silicon (82)

      WSL20 Finger Sash Lift

      Shown in:
      Natural Nickel (70)

      To learn more about Architectural Hardware options and specifications contact Marvin Architectural.

      Marvin Window Opening Control Device

      The Marvin Window Opening Control Device limits window opening to 100mm or less when the sash is opened. The device may be disengaged, allowing for further operation to full opening and automatically reengages when the sash is fully closed.

      Window Opening Control Device Features

      • Sliding Sash Window Range
      • Offered in White (WH), Satin Taupe (TP), and Bronze (BZ), Oil Rubbed Bronze (ORBZ), Brass (BS), Antique Brass (A), Polished Chrome (PC), Satin Chrome (SC) and Satin Nickel (SN), finishes to match Marvin hardware options.

      Glass, Energy Efficiency and Screens

      Sliding Sash Windows - Glass and Glazing Options

      Marvin offers a range of standard, performance and specialty glass options: 

      Performance Glass Options

      Glazing options such as LoĒ²-272® and LoĒ³-366® enhance energy performance. 

      Tripane glazing, available with argon or krypton gas, provides excellent energy performance. Tripane features two coated panes of glass with a third pane spaced between them. It's available with LoĒ²-272 on both panes, with LoĒ-180 on both panes for high SHGC, or with LoĒ³-366 on the exterior pane and LoĒ-179 on the interior pane for low SHGC. Tempered and laminated glazing options are available to meet special safety and impact requirements.

      Glass Options

      Insulating Glass

      Insulating LoĒ² Glass (with or without argon)

      Single Glazing with removable Energy Panel (wood units only)


      Specialty Glass Options

      Marvin offers a broad range of specialty glass options, including:

      Grey Tint Laminated

      Bronze Tint Laminated

      Green Tint Laminated

      White Laminated *

      Sandblasted (SC-75)

      * Laminated glazing is also available in clear, bronze, grey, or green with tinted interlayers.
      NOTE: Images may not be an accurate representation

      Screens and Combinations

      • Full Screen - Exterior screen with an aluminium clad surround. (See Exterior Clad Colour Options
      • Half Screen - Exterior screen with an aluminium clad surround. The screen covers only the lower portion of the window. (See Exterior Clad Colour Options)
      • Two-lite Wood Storm Sash or Screen - A wood frame containing non-removable glass. The storm sash can be removed during the summer and replaced with a wood framed screen. Available only for wood windows. 
      • Storm and Screen Combinations - A combination unit is composed of two glass panels and one screen panel. panels can be arranged in many ways: glass above screen, screen above glass or glass above glass. One of the glass panels slides behind the other for self storage when the screen is in use. Panels can be easily removed from the interior for cleaning. Available with a wood or aluminium clad surround. (See Exterior Clad Colour Options)

      Full Screen

      Half Screen

      Two-lite Wood Storm Sash or Screen

      Storm and Screen Combinations

      Screen Mesh Options

      High Transparency Mesh *

      Charcoal Fibreglass *

      Charcoal Aluminium Wire

      Black Aluminium Wire

      Bright Aluminium Wire

      Bright Bronze Wire

      * Charcoal Fibreglass mesh is standard on both wood and aluminium screen surrounds.

      Signature Solutions

      Sliding Sash Windows - Signature Services

      For custom, one-of-a-kind solutions for Aluminium Clad Sash Windows, talk to your Marvin Commercial Specialist about Signature Services. Signature can take on your historic renovation challenges, provide panning solutions, replicate unusual components, or engineer clad profiles to replicate original wood designs and meet historic preservation criteria. Combining the craftsmanship of a local millwork shop with the resources of a national brand, Marvin Signature Services provides completely customized solutions with unsurpassed attention to detail and unparalleled service.


      Sash Horns

      Sash horns were common on 19th century windows, where they added strength to the stile-rail joinery. Today, sash horns serve a more decorative purpose—adding distinctive old-world flair to windows.

      Available in wood or clad, sash horns can be used on all Marvin sliding sash windows.


      Construction Specifications

      Click a link below to download customizable specification information for use in preparing project documentation and submittals. Documents can be opened using Microsoft Word or compatible .doc viewer / editor.

      NBS CUDH Spec (247.9kb) |  CE Performance »


      Click a link below to download elevations. Documents can be opened using Adobe Acrobat or compatible .pdf viewer.

      Sliding Sash Elevations(1.3MB)

      View more examples of this product in the Photo Gallery »

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